The Jody Bertrand 3-step process

The Jody Bertrand 3-step process

Reclaiming your health with Jody Bertrand involves a simple 3-step process. 1) relieve symptoms with Jody Bertrand Cannabis products. (The first step is optional.) 2) remove all toxins from your diet. 3) add the nutrients and supplements your body need to heal itself.

The problem with modern medicine

We’ve all grown up with the idea that modern doctors heal patients. You get sick, go to the doctor, they prescribe some medicine which you pick up from the pharmacy. After a few days of following your prescription, all is well again. Theoretically, the process worked.

Then entered the pharmaceutical giants.  

Suddenly, someone (rather, some industry) is benefiting from your disease. Would it be a person, we could argue that mere humanity would prevent them from taking advantage of the situation. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical giants are not people. It’s an industry. And it depends on people buying medicine. Would it be in their best interest to fully cure patients?

Have you ever read the side-effects of the chronic medication that you are taking? Luckily, there’s medication for the side-effects too. And for those medication’s side-effects…

Jody Bertrand’s 3-step process works from the foundation of homeostasis. Your body was designed to repair and heal itself. When healing is not achieved, or worse, your body turns against itself like in the case of auto-immune diseases, something is drastically wrong. Jody reasons that homeostasis or balance in the body promotes health. Without balance, a patient will remain ill even though the symptoms are treated.

A simple 3-step process to health

What is the difference between Jody Bertrand and medical professionals?  

Jody diggs deeper.

When visiting a regular doctor with the flu, the doctor might conclude that a virus caused the symptoms. Though there’s not truly effective medicine against flu viruses, you’ll be sent home with a prescription to ease the symptoms.

When Jody Bertrand gets confronted with the flu, the question is not so much what virus caused it, or how to kill the virus. The question that Jody focuses on, is why the body was not able to protect itself against harmful intruders.

The Jody Bertrand 3-step process helps patients achieve real health through three simple steps. Cannabis products can eliminate a magnitude of symptoms. The first step of the process is optional and suggested use is for a limited period only. Toxins, which cause illness and prevent the body from homeostasis is removed in the second step. Thereafter specific elements are added to the diet to enable the body to heal itself.

Step 1 – Cannabis products

Please note that this step is optional (depending on the disease in question). We also strongly suggest that cannabis products are only used for a short period. What good would it do to substitute one chronic medication for another?

Cannabis is a natural product. The lack of artificial chemicals alone makes it a more suitable product than factory manufactured medication. But the true value of cannabis goes a lot deeper.

Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the entire human body. These receptors are divided into 2 categories: those that regulate the nervous system and those that regulate the immune system. Cannabis is made up out of several components of which CBD and THC are the best known. These cannabinoids work directly with the cannabinoid receptors in the body. Though your body produces it’s own cannabinoids, the use of small amounts of plant-based cannabinoids can greatly benefit your nervous and immune systems.

Plant-based cannabinoids are fantastic for relieving symptoms during the first stages of treatment. Use very small doses and only for a short time.

Step 2 – Eliminate toxins

Something is making you sick, right? Either there is a bug in your system or your body is not functioning as it is supposed to. The culprit: you’ve been feeding the bugs and poisoning yourself.

Why would anyone poison themselves? Modern diets are not all that. Most of the processed food that we consume daily contains chemicals that can cause havoc in your body. You might not have poisoned yourself and your family intentionally, but in a nutshell – that’s what’s going on.

Once you remove the cause of the problem, your body will start healing itself.

Step 3 – Adding precise nutrients

Would you fill your car’s fuel tank with water? You could, but you cannot expect it to run properly. Nutrients are your body’s fuel and the better the fuel, the better the performance.

The Jody Bertrand Protocols tell patients exactly what to add to their diet. Food is an amazing source of health-promoting compounds. Jody knows that specific food sources will help combat specific illnesses.

What you put in is what you get out

So, imagine that your body really was a car. Over a long period of time, you’ve been filling the tank with whatever liquid you could find. You couldn’t understand it’s lack of performance up until now.  

This is where Jody Bertrand comes in. Jody understands your body’s ‘engine’. Through a study of symptoms, he’s able to determine what you’ve been adding to your tank. Different fuels would produce different symptoms. Sometimes it’s as simple as removing the wrong stuff and replacing it with good fuel. Sometimes a complete overhaul is needed.

Luckily, Jody Bertrand knows exactly what is needed to overhaul your health.

The Jody Bertrand 3-step process is temporary

Remember that we mentioned that modern pharmaceutical giants benefit from keeping you on chronic medication?

The Jody Bertrand Protocols contain ALL the information you need to reclaim your health. Though nutrition-based healing requires some time to work, you can expect to start seeing results within a month or two. The Jody Bertrand 3-step plan is designed to get you back to health and off chronic medication.

Superflow is awesome

Rated 5 out of 5

Hi doc
Just a Superflow update.
No more GI problems, I’ve lost quite a few centimeters around my waist (always a bargain)
Ive had severe acne since age 12, it just cleared up completely and even the scarring is visibly improving – no chemical peel or laser or derm fillers could ever give these results. No more hypersensitivity to shaving, i can finally shave without pain. I took a hard fall a week ago and had a massive black bruise that went away so fast i can’t believe it, even the tiniest bruises take no less than 4 weeks usually. 😬
Can you recommend something for severe depression as I’m becoming treatment resistant😟

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Response from Reclaim Your Health

Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly working to improve our products. I will get back to you about the depression.