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July 24, 2019
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Hi Jody!

I hope you are doing well! I am a lot better since I started following your program. 

In October 2001 (at the age of 26) I had my first back fusion. Luckily I wasn’t with a quack, and the operation was a success. However, it has been a few years later, and I have arthritis in the joint just above the fusion. Wow! Daily pain and suffering. Arthritis is not for babies!

However, I didn’t know it was arthritis until I ended up with a surgeon in March 2017, and after a full MRI of my back and neck, he recommended that I go for Cortisone injections inside the joint. But this is where I called halt. I don’t like pumping my body full of stuff, if I’m not sure what the side effects will be! I returned home and ordered my first bottle of oil from you. Within the first 24 hours there was relief, and I didn’t look back! I haven’t struggled again for a second with back pain!

Some month ago I complained of migraines … I’m talking 3-4 out of every 7 days a week! You’re advised to use your white capsules. I bought it from you with my second bottle of canna oil and started drinking. However, I did not mention to you that I also have a spastic colon. Wow! That pills of yours work!!! For the spastic colon and the migraines! If I use my capsules regularly as I should, I did not have migraines or colon problems since! You are doing good work and I will recommend it to anyone! Thank you so much!