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Lupus better within 60 days

June 06, 2020

This is a voicenote from a lady who had Lupus

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What is Lupus? Disease that killed Jacob Zuma’s son explained

August 07, 2019
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Our powerful protocol will empower you and help you get your life back What are the key signs of the killer illness? Skin Inc / Naturophoria On Tuesday, a family spokesperson confirmed that Jacob Zuma’s son Vusi had passed away from an onset of Lupus, aged just 25. Vusi is the youngest of five children Zuma had with […]

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Living with lupus: 3 women tell all

Our powerful nutrition protocol might bring Lupus under control. It will relieve symptoms.   Durban – It’s known as the “great impersonator” because its symptoms mimic those of other conditions, making it difficult to diagnose. Three people share how lupus has affected their lives   SCARED, BUT ON GOOD DAYS I HAD HOPE Sharde Tarr, […]

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