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Depression is REAL!!

This conventional view on depression offers no hope whatsoever. It is NOT your imagination, but it is real an has a physical cause ie. heavy metal toxicity and inflammation which can be addressed with our powerful protocol Some people with depression may try to hide the signs from others, or they may not even realize that […]

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Living with lupus: 3 women tell all

Our powerful nutrition protocol might bring Lupus under control. It will relieve symptoms.   Durban – It’s known as the “great impersonator” because its symptoms mimic those of other conditions, making it difficult to diagnose. Three people share how lupus has affected their lives   SCARED, BUT ON GOOD DAYS I HAD HOPE Sharde Tarr, […]

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Lyme Disease

August 04, 2019

Is Lyme really caused by Tick bites? I call bullshit. Countless of people have been bitten by the ticks in question and display no symptoms at all. Similarly there are many people who have never been bitten by these ticks, but have symptoms.  There are surprising similarities between the symptoms of Lyme Disease and Yuppie […]

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