Sciatica is a pain in the butt

Sciatica is VERY SELDOM caused by an injury. Massages, exercises and physiotherapy don’t work and only increases your suffering. It is really caused by a viral inflammation of the sciatic nerve which is located in the buttock area. The proper way to heal is to address the inflammation so that the nerve swelling subsides and it is no longer pinched.

Iry Healing Oil was developed in Prof Irene Lombard’s laboratory in Pretoria and it is the most cost effective way to approach this problem as it relieves sciatic pain within days, and in some cases even hours. It may even assist healing over time. We want to suggest that healing is supported with a targeted nutrition program.

It has the same cause as Frozen shoulder but in this case the buttock region rather than the shoulder area is inflamed.

Only R450 plus courier cost which should last 2 months.

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