Jody Bertrand Weight Loss Protocol

October 11, 2019
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The Jody Bertrand Weight Loss Protocol is scientifically formulated to remove the root cause of being overweight.  When the body function optimally, stored fat is converted to energy.  If the body is not working as it should, as much weight is stored as possible – leaving the person tired, uncomfortable and overweight.

This Weight Loss program heals the body – it could be said that weight loss is only a side effect of becoming healthy.

There is no starving, no exercise and no harmful pharmaceutical products required for this program.  Just healthy food and herbs will get you in the best shape you’ve ever been, fast.

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The Jody Bertrand Weight Loss Protocol is not your usual diet.

This program addresses the root cause of being overweight. While your body starts functioning optimally, the extra weight will be converted to energy, leaving you healthier, more energetic and in control.

Jody Bertrand Weight Loss Protocol

This nutritional plan is nothing like the weight loss diets available in the media. The scientific protocol allows users to eat as much as they need to. The focus is not on calorie restriction, instead, the fundamental goal of this product is to restore homeostasis. A balanced and healthy body loses weight naturally.


The Jody Bertrand Weight Loss Protocol consists of three lists: One list tells you what foods to avoid completely, another suggests food that you should add to your diet. The third list suggests a list of herbs that will help your body heal in order to lose weight faster.


In addition to the lists, the program also includes a nutritional plan. This is a handy tool for those who are not sure how to implement the lists to their everyday lives. The nutritional plan is flexible, though. As long as you avoid the bad, add the good and supplement with herbs, you can eat what (and how much) you want.


There is no need to add additional exercise to this program – though we do recommend that you get moving, you will lose weight regardless of your activity levels.


How long will it take and how much can I lose?


You are in control. Each person is different, meaning that some will lose weight faster than others. This program starts working fast and most individuals should be able to see meaningful results within the first week. We’ve had people lose up to 12kg within fourteen days. Of course, you’ll have to have the extra twelve kilo’s to be able to lose it, and you’ll have to stick to the program meticulously for two weeks. Can you do that?


Will I have to do exercise when I follow the Jody Bertrand Weight Loss Protocol?


Exercise is seldom a bad thing. We recommend that you do try to get some type of cardiovascular workout because it sustains a healthy body. However, we understand that a lack of energy can make it extremely difficult to start an exercise plan. That’s why we want you to get healthy first.


If you do exercise regularly, please continue to do so. If you don’t, then follow the program without extra physical activity. We’re sure that you’ll have so much more energy after you’ve lost the weight, that you’ll start going to the gym regularly anyways.


Is the program difficult to follow?


No. The Jody Bertrand Weight Loss Protocol is not a diet. So you don’t have to weigh food, cut portions or count calories. The list of food to avoid is rather short (though you’ll have to make some sacrifices.)


Yes, you can absolutely have carbs and meat – even on the same plate if you wish.


This program is more about adding the right foods and nutrients than it is about cutting out things. Your body needs energy and nutrients to function. Each nutrient has it’s own job, and all we do is tell you which to add to your diet to help your body burn fat optimally.


How long you follow the Jody Bertrand Weight Loss Protocol is up to you. If you’ve lost all the weight you want within the first week, we do recommend that you continue at least one more week. The protocol is healthy so there is no harm in following it for as long as you wish.


What if I hit a plateau?


You can expect to hit a weight loss plateau eventually. Don’t worry – it does not mean that your weight loss journey is over.


The Jody Bertrand Weight Loss Protocol comes with backup.


There are three main reasons why a body stores weight in an unhealthy way. With the protocol, we address the main, and most common, culprit. Within a few weeks, you’ll receive an email from us with instructions on how to adjust your program once you’ve hit a plateau.


How do I start?


Buy the Jody Bertrand right away. Start eliminating the foods on the avoid-list from your diet immediately. Add the good foods and herbs as often as possible and start shopping for smaller clothes, because you’ll need it soon.


Weight loss is fast, easy and effective with the Jody Bertrand Weight Loss Protocol because it removes the root cause of being overweight. As your body heals, the extra weight will melt away itself until your body reaches and maintains a healthy weight.