Superflow (1000 ml) + Jody Essential Oil Special Offer

February 16, 2021
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Superflow is made from 38 various plant materials(some imported as they do not grow in our climate) sourced specifically for their active constituents. It undergoes a fermenting process. With this we ensure the terpenes and medicinal value are enhanced. Much better than applying heat which is difficult to regulate as all these plants have various temperatures best for extraction.

The objective is to have an Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal and Anti-bacterial mixture in ONE easy application. It is easily absorbed and moves fast through the cells Estimate 99% absorption in liquid form. It kills foreign bodies without damaging any healthy cells throughout the body. The Lymphatic system and Liver are rejuvenated, auto immune responses are restored to balance.(Homeostasis) Blockages in the Veins and Arteries are gently broken down…The very important Endocrine responded well and restores. We learning everyday what this mixture is capable of through feedback from patients.

The recommended dosage is 15 ml twice per day

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Hits : 343