Iry Oil: Magic or Science?

October 09, 2020

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Iry Oil has a solid scientific basis but it seems to work like magic

It works for almost everything.

This is a miracle remedy I swear. It works for almost everything. There is too little space to write about everything. Skin conditions, sores, joint pains and so much more. A friend of mine has arthritis in his hands. He has no more pain in his hands at all.

Johan Pretoria


One application and my gout is gone. It is gone for 3 days now!!

Lucas Pretoria


I’m been a 30 odd something migraine sufferer for as long as I can remember. So little background: I can sometimes feel an attack coming, hours before he knocks on my door (my head). I tend to get it at night where I wake up from the pain and during an attack I can not lie down at all, it hurts too much, I have to sit or even better, stand. In such an attack, I alternate between a hot water bag or an ice pack on the side of my head that hurts. So I will sit around at night for about 3 or 4 hours until I feel like I can go to bed again. The next day there is usually a “shadow” I have to treat it or get ready for a night out of hell. And as Murphy wanted it, on a Sunday afternoon when all pharmacies were closed, I started to feel the pressure.

I knew tonight I was going to suffer and I did not have a migraine kit like I should. My mom remembered Jody’s Iry Oil. I got the bottle and applied it immediately. Neck, forehead, temple and my eye too. Every 2 hours as he suggests. Apply a little more before I go to bed and wait for the best. Well … I slept like a baby. No further pressure, no migraines and no “shadow”. I’m really stunned. It worked. Thank you for your hard work in providing us with such a great product and I encourage everyone to try it for themselves.

Bernice Pretoria

Rheumatoid Arthritis

The product is great, we always do massages with it before we sleep it works wonders.

Paulina Pretoria

Knee pain and circulation issues

The Oil has helped my mom not only for the Knee but also for the circulation of the legs, which aren’t swollen so much. Great product will definitely order more. Thank you and have a lovely day.

Dailila Gauteng

Back injury from a fall a few years ago

Wow!! this stuff works quickly.



One of my patients had severe ear- and neck pain from blocked sinuses. I rubbed on some Iry Oil and gave her some to take home. Within 12 hours she had only a dull earache.

E Ferreira Pretoria

Frozen Shoulder

I competed in strongman competitions when I was younger, but during the last 3 months my shoulder was so sore that I could not even lift a Coke bottle. Within 3 days the shoulder was healed.

Robbert Pretoria

Rheumatoid Arthritis

My Arthritis pain has decreased by almost 40% within 3 days!!

P Mahlangu Pretoria


I have suffered from Sciatic pain for 24 years and with this oil, I am pain free within 5 days.

Johanna Rustenburg

Rheumatoid Arthritis

This oil is amazing. I have migratory arthritis, very bad. Toss and turn at night. I’ve been using Iry oil now for ten days, and I feel like my old self. I have no pain at all, I rub it into my upper arms at night and I’ve been sleeping through the night. It definitely calms and soothes. I was bedridden most of the time: and here I am suddenly going the things I used to love.

Jeanette Pretoria

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I am not sure if my mind is playing tricks on me but this stuff is amazeballs. I have Arthritis in my knee and immediately after I applied it, I walked without a limp for the first time in years.

Heather Johannesburg

 Rheumatoid Arthritis

About 30 years ago I had a horse riding accident. I damaged my right knee. 30 years and 4 scopes later my only option was a knee replacement. I had the procedure on 7 September. The pain in my knee has improved but is not completely gone. I found this group on Facebook by accident and joined. I read about this oil and decided to go for it. The difference in my pain level was unbelievable. I actually thought it was mind over matter so I put on my husband who also has grumpy knees. He also had instant relief so it wasn’t my mind. Yesterday we were building a carport up and down ladders. I also was running around the mall after my kids. I also have a small lesion on my face…. Years of sun. Started to put this oil on last night. Will keep you posted on that progress. Guys you have nothing to lose try this oil.

Heather Johannesburg – Her full story

Various undiagnosed issues

Jody, thank you so much for sending the soothing, healing oil. I can really testify that it has amazing, analgesic properties. It’s now been a week since I received it and started using it. I could not believe it had such an amazing effect! I told you that I have such a burning pain on the outside of, especially my right leg, from my lower back, my thigh down to my ankle and also to a lesser extent, in my left leg. I immediately started massaging my legs with it. I also have burning feet when I go to bed in the evening.

I then also massaged under and on top of my feet, with it. Well I have been lying awake since the first application, and still every night, just never again due to pain or burning feet. It was also inevitable that I smeared my hands with the oil and although I did not deliberately smear my hands with it, I was very pleasantly surprised to notice this morning that my little finger, which had been forming a lump on the waist for some time now, again smooth and without any lump or bump. Thank you so much Jody, for introducing me to this amazing oil. Oh yes, I almost forgot. I have been suffering for years, also from a pain in my neck, such that I get hurt when I turn my head a little too much to the sides. I also started massaging my neck with the oil. Even that is much better and I can now sleep on a low pillow and comfortably !!

This oil that disappears almost immediately after application, without making your clothes oily, is an extraordinary cure for back pain, nerve, neck and muscle pain, as well as burning feet. It also has a wonderful calming effect on the body.

Marine Capetown

Burning feet and eczema

My burning feet are so much better. The eczema on my scalp is also gone and the wounds are healing. I cannot believe how much I have damaged my scalp with all the scratching.

Marie Pretoria


My kleinkind het erge ekseem in di waai van sy bene. Dis weg. Sal foto stuur. Smeer so 5 x per dag en hy kla glad ni meer ni. Het bly se…eina ….dan krap hy.


Burning Feet

My man sê sy voete voel beter hy sê 40% verbetering. Die gevoel kom terug en sy voete het nie gebrand vandag nie

Mrs Coetzee Kemptonpark


My Psoriasis stopped itching after one application. The skin is healing nicely

Ruben Pretoria

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