Help Her Heal NPO

December 03, 2021

WE envisage an NPO to help women in South Africa heal from cancers and chronic illnesses that plague women out of proportion when compared to men. We have had many successes with healing but we came across many women who could not afford what was needed to heal and decided to do something about it. If we can assist more women, we can do our bit to make society a better place for all

The Covid lock downs have contributed to the situation and had a negative impact on many peoples’ financial situation. It is not our aim to empower women with cash donations but to help them get their health back and to enable them to contribute to society.

The focus is on women because they hold the fabric of society together. for this purpose we bought the domain The website has yet to be built

We are looking for 3 passionate people to serve on the board of the Non Profit Organization. They will manage creative fund raising campaigns, evaluate applications from women for assistance and grow the organization.

Here is but one reason why we want to do this and there are many other testimonies

Please contact us on or 061 7077 562 for more information