Frozen Shoulder

It is not my intention to write an academic treatise on this subject – there is enough of that on the web – but to offer up our theory and to suggest a clear cut solution to a problem that medical science has no answer for.

If you are afflicted with Frozen Shoulder, the arm’s range of motion is so severely limited so that even simple activities like fastening a bra or taking a book off an overhead shelf become impossible. It has the same cause as Sciatica but in this case a nerve in the shoulder region rather than the butt area is inflamed and pinched. It is most often caused by viral-inflammation but in rare cases it is caused by an injury

It is important to address the problem as soon as possible to prevent the tissue in the shoulder area to become thicker and scar tissue develops.

If an injury does not heal within a reasonable time a pathogen is involved and that is when the power of Iry Oil comes into play.

It has potent anti-viral and antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties that go to work quickly to address pathogenic- and other causes of inflammation. We want to suggest that healing is supported by a targeted nutrition program. With our guidance healing is easy.

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