Fad diets

Terms like Banting, Paleolithic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Ketogenic, Mediterranean, South Beach and Weight Watcher’s diet among others are familiar to most of us. Each one has an underlying philosophy and different end goals whatever they may be. Whether they achieve their goal is debatable. The fervent prophets of each swear by their benefits.

Our belief is that if you are healthy, you can eat whatever you want. Why follow a strict set of culinary rules when there is nothing wrong with you?

Things have to change radically when you are sick though. Then rules are needed and you have to change your diet to allow your food become your medicine. There is no one size fits all. A diabetic’s nutritional needs are not the same of someone who has Lupus and that differs from someone who has chronic migraines. Someone with a kidney disease also needs a totally different diet. A different set of nutrients is needed in each of these cases.

Why do you believe in a certain set of diet rules?

One person’s beliefs may stem from religion. Another may have bought in to the logic of another person’s arguments. It may be that a certain set of rules have proven or perceived health benefits. For  example, the elimination of carbohydrates have been shown to help diabetics control their blood glucose levels. This is true, because nothing that might cause a spike on blood glucose levels are consumed. It has many other drawbacks though. The depleted glucose banks in the liver cannot be replenished. Certain carbohydrates are what diabetics need to try and heal from their disease

Errors in the fundamental logic of ketogenic diets

Our bodies need carbohydrates to function optimally. The logical error in the arguments of the Ketogenic diet prophets is that all carbohydrates are created equal. They are not. You cannot equate the carbohydrates in refined cane sugar with the carbohydrates in a banana. The carbohydrates in a banana are also not the same as those in a mango or a potato.

Even the carbohydrates in sweet potatoes are not the same as those in potatoes. They are all different and performs a different – and sometimes crucial – function in the body.

The ketogenic diet is modified for pregnant women, because the fetus’ brain needs glucose to develop. That alone should raise red flags and warn you that there is a fundamental error in the underlying logic of ketogenic diets.

Balanced diet is a buzzword that means nothing, but only adds to the confusion. What does it mean? If it means that someone with Alzheimer’s disease must eat the same as someone who has Lupus, it is a misnomer and should be ignored.

The only reason why paleolithic and ketogenic diets seem to be beneficial is because they eliminate the negative effect of processed foods. Results – if any – will be short lived because they rely on trial and error and do not target diseases like we do with our protocols.

We want you to really question why you have adopted your particular belief regarding diets and evaluate whether the diet you have chosen have taken you closer to or further from your predetermined goal.