Being overweight is not your fault!!

November 11, 2019

Being overweight is NOT your fault. Various factors outside of your control have an influence. A liver that is not functioning optimally is the root cause.

Restoring the liver is a prerequisite to lose weight. Once it is back in peak condition the fat will melt away.

We live in a toxic world and toxins enter your body in various ways (like prescription drugs and polution). One of the functions of the liver is to filter toxins from your body and to expell it, but over time it gets bogged down. That is why you suddenly pick up weight when nothing has changed in your diet.

No two people have the exact same circumstances so the timeframes differ. Some start putting on weight at 35 and others at 45. The age may be the reason why it is blamed on hormonal changes.

Toxins are also transferred from mother to child via the umbilical cord. This explains why genetics – which plays no roll at all – is blamed. (If an overweight mother gives birth to a child that becomes overweight early in his life, genetics is blamed.)

The only way to address obesity is to attack the root cause. The liver must be restored in order to function optimally again.

Everyone knows that one of the liver’s functions is to metabolize fat and somehow the Low carb high fat trend became mainstream. The only good thing about “Banting” is that junk has been eliminated from the diet.

The last thing that a “tired” liver needs is to be bombarded with more fat. It needs a break to “regroup” and repair itself. You can help this process along by reducing your fat intake and by providing it with the nutrients that it needs to repair itself.

The reason that you have cravings is because the liver needs certain nutrients. Use this to your advantage by tricking your body to start the restoration process and lose the fat.